Movable Vehicle Activated Sign

MVAS (Courtesy of SWARCO)

A Movable Vehicle Activated Sign (MVAS) is a road sign usually triggered by the speed of the vehicle which can be moved from site to site.  On the 23rd November 2017 the MVAS was installed in Botley Road (Chesham to Ley Hill direction).

Four groundscrews have been installed, three in Ley Hill (Jasons Hill, Botley Road and at the bottom of Kiln Lane) and one in Latimer (Codmore Wood Road).  The MVAS will be moved between the four sites on a regular basis. 

The MVAS will flash a speed warning for vehicles exceeding the speed limit (30mph).  It will also record data that can be used to monitor the volume of traffic during a particular period as well as on a daily basis.  More importantly it will give us information on the speeding cars (the speed they are travelling and at what time of the day).

We have already had:

  • Several cars travelling at 65mph and 70mph
  • Friday 25th November between 8 – 9am, 72% of cars were travelling over the speed limit down Botley Road in the direction of Ley Hill School.
  • one car travelling at 80mph from Ley Hill to Chesham
  • Since 1st January 2018 we have had 11,985 cars speeding at 40mph or over. 724 cars were travelling at 50 mph or over and 50 of those cars were travelling at 60mph or more.

The link below gives you the data that has been collected since the sign was installed: Botley Road (Chesham to Ley Hill) – 23rd – 25th November 2017

Volunteers required If you would be prepared to volunteer to help us move the sign around the villages, please complete the form below or email