Powers and Duties of the Parish Council

The Parish Council have a variety of powers and duties, all of which impact directly on the community in Latimer and Ley Hill.

  • Allotments
    Power to provide allotments
    Duty to provide allotment gardens if demand unsatisfied
  • Burial Grounds, Cemeteries, Churchyards and Crematoria
    Power to acquire and maintain
    Power to agree to maintain monuments and memorials
    Power to contribute towards expenses of cemeteries
  • Bus Shelters
    Power to provide and maintain shelters
  • Bye-laws
    The power to make bye-laws concerning baths and washhouses (swimming pools), cycle parks, mortuaries and pleasure grounds
  • Clocks
    Power to provide public clocks and maintained
  • Commons and Common Pastures
    Power in relation to enclosure, as to regulation and management, and as to providing common pasture
  • Community Centres
    Power to provide and equip buildings for use of clubs having athletic, social or educational objectives
  • Crime Prevention
    Power to spend money on various crime prevention measures
  • Delegated Functions
    Power to assume a function delegated by another authority
    Power to ensure effective discharge of Parish Council functions
    Power to employ persons to carry out Parish Council functions
  • Drainage of ditches and ponds
    Power to deal with ponds and ditches
  • General Spending
    Parish Councils can spend a limited amount of money on anything they deem of benefit to the community that is not covered by the other specific responsibilities described in this list
  • Highways
    Parking Places
    Right to enter into discussions about new roads and road widening
    Consent of Parish Council required for diversion or discontinuation of highway, traffic signs and other notices
    Tree planting and verge maintenance
  • Land
    Acquisition and sale of
  • Legal proceedings
    Power to prosecute or defend any legal proceedings in the interests of the community
    Power to take part in any public enquiry
  • Litter
    Provision of litter-bins and support for any anti-litter campaigns
  • Lotteries
    Power to promote
  • Parish Property and Records
    Powers to direct as to their custody
  • Planning
    The Parish Council must be notified of, and display for residents, any planning applications for the area.
    Any comments submitted to the planning authority by the Parish Council must be taken into account
  • Postal and Telecommunication Facilities
    Power to pay a public telecommunications operator any loss sustained in providing services in that area
  • Public Buildings and Village Halls
    Power to provide
  • Public conveniences
    Power to provide
  • Public Enquiries
    Power to make representations at public enquires
  • Publicise Functions
    Power to publicise Council and Local Authority functions
  • Raising of Finances
    Power to raise money through the precept
  • Recreation
    Power to acquire land for or to provide recreation grounds, public walks, pleasure grounds and open spaces
    To manage and maintain them
  • Rights of Way
    Provide footpath and bridleway maintenance
  • Seats
    Power to provide public seating
  • Tourism
    Power to contribute to organisations encouraging tourism
  • Training
    Power to train Councillors
  • Transport and Traffic
    Power to conduct surveys to establish the transport needs of the community, the use of and need for roads and the management and control of traffic
    Power to collect and disseminate passenger transport information and make grants for bus services
    Power to contribute financially to traffic calming schemes
  • War Memorials
    Power to maintain, repair and adapt war memorials
  • Water Supply
    Power to utilise stream, well or spring water and to provide facilities for general use.