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Memorial Hall Parking Area

Joint statement from Memorial Hall Committee and Parish Council – 6th April 2018

 Many concerns have been raised following the installation of protective measures around the manorial land in front of the memorial hall and the two access tracks.  The logs had been put in place to prevent parking on manorial grass and in unsafe places.

 Following discussions between Chair of the Memorial Hall Committee, Sarah Peterson and the Parish Council Chair, Mary Buckman,  liaison has taken place over the last two days with the relevant team within Chiltern District Council.  Chiltern District Council have also undertaken a site visit to review the installation.

 CDC have agreed that the logs along the left hand access track (as viewed from the road) are not laid as planned, as it had been agreed to leave parking space along one side of this track.  We are informed that some of the logs are larger than anticipated, but that is due to the natural variation in the size of available trees and does not, in their view, in itself lead to a need to change them.  Chiltern District Council acknowledge that residents in neighbouring properties were not informed of the scheduled works and that this was an oversight for which apologies were expressed.

 As the contractors are due back on site at the end of next week, it has been agreed that in the meantime an alternative installation design will be proposed by CDC.  This needs to address the District Council’s concerns about damage to the grass areas, and the concerns of local residents about parked cars blocking access to properties, this will be distributed to the Parish Council, Memorial Hall, Church and neighbouring properties for comments, we will also seek to inform other interested parties.  It is hoped that a consensus can be reached about changes needed and that this can be achieved in time for contractors to make the required amendments next week.

 The Parish Council has received a number of written complaints and questions about the installation, these have been passed on to Chiltern District Council to respond directly.


59 vehicles were reported to Thames Valley Police for speeding on Botley Road, Ley Hill.  The highest speed recorded was 50mph.  Can we remind you that Botley Road is a 30mph speed limit.


20 acres of Cowcroft Wood has been owned for many years by a property development company. This comprises the majority of the wooded area between Kiln Lane and the houses on Botley Road. Although not yet on the market the company has indicated a willingness to sell this area for a total price of about £100,000.

I am keen that this part of the wood should be owned for the benefit of the community so that it can continue to enjoy the free access that it has had for many years and which could possibly be compromised by a change of owner.

I have not as yet resolved as to whether any future ownership would be through a newly established charity or some other structure but I would welcome establishing the level of support in the community and specifically whether you would be prepared to contribute to the purchase cost.

I would welcome hearing from you in the strictest confidence.

David Silverstone, Grooms Farm, Botley Road HP5 1XY, Tel :01494-778772 or email:

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Meadhams Farm

The number below should be used to report breaches of the Environmental Permit, pollution of the environment or harm to human health.

0800 80 70 60

This Environment Agency Incident Help Line is open all hours of the day .