What We Do

In 2013 the Parish changed its name from Latimer Parish to Latimer & Ley Hill Parish. The parish forms part of the Buckinghamshire district of Chiltern.  Latimer & Ley Hill parish includes the villages of Latimer, Ley Hill and Tylers Hill.

Latimer and Ley Hill Parish Council is funded almost entirely from the precept or charges to the householders with the Parish boundary.  The precept is collect by Chiltern District Council on behalf of the Parish as part of the Council Tax.  The Parish Council meets at least eight times a year and all meetings are open to the public.

The Aims of the Parish

The Parish Council aim to develop and sustain a sense of community within the Parish of Latimer and Ley Hill by addressing environmental, economic and social issues and delivering quality services to our Parishioners.

What we do
We are responsible to Parishioners for a variety of services including street lighting, the management of open spaces including Tylers Hill Burial Ground, working in partnership with Bucks County Council on public rights of way etc.  The Parish Council is responsible for maintaining, or informing District and County Councils to maintain and amend council property (bus shelters, drainage etc).  Most importantly we are a contact point for district and county public services.  We can also answer your questions regarding planning applications and County Council driven road works.

Latimer and Ley Hill Parish Council is headed by a Chairman and Vice-Chairman and comprises of five other Councillors, one from Latimer and four from Ley Hill.  Councillors serve on a voluntary basis but a paid part-time Clerk is employed to carry out an administrative role.  The Councillors  devote their time and energy to the wellbeing of the local people and the environment.

The Chairman is elected by the members of the Council at the Annual Council Meeting and serves for a minimum of twelve months.  The Chairman’s main role is to run Council meetings, agrees the agenda and is a legal signatory.

She/He is responsible for ensuring that effective and lawful decisions are taken at meetings of the Council and, assisted by the Clerk, guides activities by managing the meetings of the Council. The Chairman has a casting vote on any decisions and will often be the public face of the Council and will represent the Council at official events. He/she may be asked to speak on behalf of the Council and, in such circumstances, should only expresses the agreed views of the Council and not his/her personal views. The Chairman cannot legally make a decision on behalf of the Council.

The Parish Council is consulted by the planning authority, Chiltern District Council on all developments affecting Latimer and Ley Hill and responds to the applications.  The Council  wishes to conserve the Parish as villages.

Village Surveys
Approximately every five years a village survey is conducted for Latimer and Ley Hill and with the results, the Parish Council aim to make improvements.

The Parish Council look to obtain funding for a variety of activites when it is made available eg. Local Area Forum funding, Health and Wellbeing funding and HS2 funding.

The Parish Council maintains local footpaths within the Parish.

Village Maintenance
The Parish Council owns a beacon, noticeboards, seats, litter bins and maintains these and a range of other assets around the Parish. A bench has recently been installed on the common in memory of the late Cllr Sanders.

Open Spaces
A number of key open spaces in the village are maintained, cut and planted by the Parish Council, Chiltern District Council and Buckinghamshire County Council.  A Litterblitz is organised in Ley Hill and Latimer to keep the villages free of rubbish.

The Parish Council advertises their agendas, minutes, accounts and activities via the Parish Council noticeboard and Parish website as well as Facebook, Twitter.

A Councillor or Clerk attends the Chesham Area Forum with Thames Valley Police to look at security within the villages.

The Parish Council has purchased a Movable Vehicle Activated Sign which records the number of cars and their speeds.  Using this information the Parish Council works with Thames Valley Police to address speeding within the village.  Community Speedwatch Checks are run by volunteers in the community and drivers who exceed the speed will receive letters from Thames Valley Police.

Christmas Tree
Each year the Christmas Tree is lit at the beginning of December paid for by the Parish Council.